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Public Benefits Portfolio

We partner with agencies to enable human-centered, digitally-assisted public benefits programs.

Work with us

We believe public benefits programs can be reliable, accessible, integrated, and effective.

Our team of designers, developers, and acquisition specialists are federal employees working with federal, state, and local agencies including:

    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/centers-for-medicare-and-medicaid.png logo Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/alaska-dhss.png logo Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/cwds.png logo California Child Welfare Digital Services
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/vermont.png logo State of Vermont Agency of Human Services
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/ACF.png logo Administration for Children and Families
    • /assets/img/logos/agencies/USDA.svg logo USDA Food and Nutrition Service

As federal employees, we partner with agencies to deliver better services through:

Outcomes-driven oversight processes

  • Reduced reporting and approval burden
  • Practical procurement and vendor management
  • Coaching and training to build, buy, and manage technology

Human-centered experiences for all people

  • Accessible, multi-channel eligibility applications
  • Secure identity management and document submission
  • Comprehensive treatment and service locators

Streamlined agency services

  • Simplified case management processes
  • Rapid & accurate implementation of policy as code
  • Sustainable transition from legacy systems

Examples of our work

USDA Food and Nutrition Service

Streamlining reporting and data quality

We worked to reduce duplication of effort, save time, and improve the data quality for the National School Lunch Breakfast Program.

State of Vermont Agency of Human Services

Building human-centered applications

We helped Vermont work in iterative ways while pursuing integrated eligibility and enrollment.

We’ve leveraged human-centered design and research to take a product from concept to reality – and now we’ve shipped, tested, and are continuing to refine the electronic Advanced Planning Document (eAPD) to meet user needs and deliver value early and often. - Jerome Lee, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
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